The Developer Evangelist handbook

Version: 3.2 (HTML format)

Released 28th of July 2009

Updated 2nd of August 2009 (Working with your own company chapter)

Updated 15th of December 2009 (Prepare great slide decks for presentationc chapter)

Updated 21th of July 2012 (Pre-emptive writing sub-chapter and about fixes)

Updated 11th of December 2014 (Travel and Conferences Chapter and about fixes)

Written in HTML and PHP using TextMateSublime text.

Print or ebook version

The Developer Evangelism Handbook is now available on by  you. The handbook is also available as a print copy from

Book history

I am right now working as a developer evangelist and was asked by several of our offices abroad (India, Brazil, Korea) to give evangelism trainings. After each of these training sessions people asked if they can get some handbook to train others - well, here we are.

License and usage

Licensed with Creative Commons, which in this case means:

  • You can use and redistribute the book - please tell everybody about it.
  • You can not use the book for commercial purposes - for example sell trainings or workshops with it.
  • You can however use it in company internal training - and I would love to hear about that.
  • You must mention that the information you use is based on this book and its author.
  • You must not change the book's content and redistribute it without the author's consent.

Future plans

Printed version: Right now there are some plans to release this book as a printed version, but nothing definite is on the horizon. If you are a publisher and want to release it, contact me. A printed version of this book is available from

Translations: A German version might soon be available.

The Author

I am Chris Heilmann and I am an open web evangelist.

Christian Heilmann

I've been a web developer for 12 17 years and delivered projects ranging from my first own web site, to enterprise level products like,, HP EMEA, Yahoo maps, Yahoo Answers and Firefox OS (the first HTML5 based Mobile Operating System).

I've organised several unconferences and my own conference Scripting Enabled.

I've had eight books with chapters by me and two full books published. The topics were accessibility, JavaScript, general web development and how to promote web sites. I've been tech editing eight books on JavaScript and CSS.

I've published hundreds of web articles over the years including a large part of the Opera Web Standard Curriculum.

In my current role I blog, train and write inside and outside Yahoo Mozilla, speak at conferences, hack days, brown bags and Universities and work with the product teams before launches to get great documentation about new products out.

The easiest way to contact me is via Twitter where I am known as @codepo8. I also have a portfolio site at and a blog at